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    In today’s data-driven world, organizations are actively seeking professionals skilled in data analytics due to the rapid generation of data. To develop expertise, individuals must actively establish a strong foundation in statistics, math, computer science, and database management. Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, and SQL is also actively required. Actively building a portfolio of well-executed projects is essential in actively showcasing one’s abilities to potential employers.

    Introduction to Data Analytics

    • Overview of Data Analytics
    • Opportunities and Careers paths in Data Analytics
    • Roles and responsibilities of a Data Analyst
    • Data Analytics Case Studies

    Data Visualization

    • Fundamentals of Data Visualization
    • Introduction to Power BI
    • Data Visualization using Power BI

    Advanced-Data Visualization

    • Slicers and Filters in Power BI
    • Interactive Visualisations in Power BI
    • Creating Paginated Reports
    • Creating Dashboards in Power BI

    Data Cleaning & Transformation using Excel / Power Query

    • Data Cleaning Techniques
    • Data Transformation Techniques
    • Introduction to Power Query
    • Data Types and Filters in Power Query
    • Inbuilt Column and Row Transformations
    • Creating a Query in Power Query
    • Combining Two Data Sets

    Data Modelling & DAX

    • Introduction and Techniques to Data Modelling
    • Creating Measures in DAX
    • DAX Functions

    Publishing Your Dashboards

    • Introduction to Power BI Service
    • Collaboration using Power BI
    • Creating Dashboards using Power BI Cloud/Service
    • Publishing Your Dashboard

    Data Analysis using Python Libraries

    • Introduction to NumPy and Pandas
    • Indexing and Slicing NumPy arrays
    • Indexing and Filtering Pandas data frames and series
    • Modifying Pandas data frames and Series

    Data Analytics using Tableau

    • Fundamentals of Tableau
    • Essential Design Principles for Visualization with Tableau
    • Creating Dashboards and Interactive Reports in Tableau

    Course Project

    Building Captivating dashboards from different databases across E-commerce, Fintech, Health Tech, etc.

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